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SUPER TRAPP SuperMeg 2-into-1 Exhaust – Chrome. Fits Sportster 2014up


Features & Benefits:-

* Triple Chrome Plated.

* Increase Horsepower with a Glorious Throaty Exhaust Note.

* Straight-Through Core Design Provides a Crisp Throttle Response.

* Integrated Three-Piece Heat Shield that provides Full Coverage.

* Includes Twenty 4in. Discs, Mounting Bracket & Hardware.

Tech Tips:-

* Disc Screw Torque is Fifteen (15) Inch Pounds (Do Not Overtighten).

* Anti-Seize lubricant should be applied when fitting Disc Screws.

* Works with Stock 12mm O2 Sensors.

* Fuel Mixture Calibration is Advised.

Proudly Made in the USA by SuperTrapp !