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PREDATOR engine mount combo 99-17 dyna


Harley Davidson Dyna (1999-2017) Including Switchback and Fat Bob

HDD100M - Twin Cam Front Engine Mount

Introducing the Predator ™ engine mount system for Harley Davidson's Dyna range of bikes. The original manufacturer’s front mount has acquired a reputation for premature failure, vibration and high speed stability issues. These problems are associated with the location of the front of the engine in the frame. Our Engineers set about a complete re-engineering of the front engine mount system from first principals. What they came up with is a new vibration isolation concept moving the insulator element into the front engine bracket and coupled it to an integral lateral stabiliser system. The stabiliser is located behind the insulator adjacent to the engine to give a compact package that is contained completely within the outline of the frame.


As this mount has its own stabiliser link it should NOT be used in conjunction with any other front mounted stabiliser system. Aftermarket rear stabilisers can be used in addition to this mount

* This Kit comes with NEW GENUINE rear mount which must be installed at the time of front mount for warranty purposes.