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Nitto RB26 / RB30 MLSR Head gasket


Nitto RB26 / RB30 MLS head gasket 1.2mm thickness / suit up to 88mm bore. These headgasets are able to be used in either RB26, RB30 or RB26/30 combinations. NITTO DBS Drag Series metal head gaskets not only use a proven and trusted bead style seal around the bore area but also feature an industry leading stainless metal “O-ring” in addition to the bead seal around the bore that completely seals the multi layers of the gasket from the combustion pressures in the engine. NITTO has carried out extensive testing using “Fuji Prescale Film” pressure testing technology with results concluding that the metal “O-ring” featured on the range of NITTO DBS Drag Series metal head gaskets also provides the highest pressure seal around the bore of any head gasket on the market.