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DAKOTA DIGITAL 4-1/2″ KPH Speedometer with Tachometer & Red Graphics. Fits Softail 2011-2017, FLD, FXDC & FXDF 2012-2017 & FLHR 2014up



Rugged, Dependable & Re-Buildable.

* Reads in Kilometer per Hour (KPH) – MPH or KPH selectable

* Dash Mounted 4-1/2in. Speedopmeter.

* Wrap around adjustable tachometer with adjustable shift point, can also display in digital numeric readout.

* Odometer with two resettable trip odometers.

* Resettable Kilometers to Service.

* Clock with 12 hour format.

* Voltage readout with low voltage alert.

* Cylinder Head Temp, (requires HD factory sender)

* Oil & Air Pressure – sender sold separately, # DAK-SEN-1039

* Oil Temperature – sender sold separately, #’s SEN-1043 or SEN-1044

* 7 Speed Gear Position Indicator.

* Various indicators can also be displayed such as Turn Signal, High Beam, Neutral, Low Oil Pressure, Low Voltage, Security Indicators, ABS

Indicator, Cruise on & Cruise engaged indication and Check Engine Light.

* Automatic turn signal cancelling compatible.

* Several performance calculations include, 0- 60 time, high speed & high RPM recall, 1/4 mile time and speed.

* Chrome front bezel with non-glare scratch resistant lens.

* Machined aluminum housing.

Tech Tips:-

* For 2003 and previous applications as well as custom built motorcycles, use # DAK-MCL-2002.

* For 2004- 2011 models not listed above use MCL-2004

* Will Not Fit FXCW, use # DAK-MCL-3212-K-R.

* Will Not Fit FXS, use # DAK-MCL-3212-K-R.

* WillNot Fit FXSB, use # DAK-MCL-3212-K-R.