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Bosch Fluid Pressure And Temperature Sensor PST-F1 "10 BAR / 145psi"


Bosch sensor measuring Temp and Pressure all in one.

  • 0-10 Bar Pressure Range (0-145 psi)
  • -40deg to 140deg Temperature Range
  • M10 x 1.0 Thread
  • Universal Motorsport application

Please check photo's for pressure and temp calibration data and wiring information. 

Don't forget your adapter fittings and connector which are also available! (see below)

Please Note: 
1. Mating connector 105-059 Pin numbering orientation does not line up with Pin config of this sensor as the same connector is used in a vast amount of other sensor's. 
2. We recommend to not mount this sensor directly to the engine as the vibration will cause premature failure.