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4-3/8″ Stroke Flywheel Assembly. Fits 96A Twin Cam 2007up.


Features & Benefits:-

* Includes new Sprocket Shaft Race for OEM type Main Bearing.

* Replaces the Stock Crankshaft in 96ci,103ci & 110ci Engines.

* OEM style Tapered Wristpin Ends allow use of OEM Pistons.

* 7.659in. length Connecting Rods.

* Heat-treated 4140 material is harder & stronger than stock.

* Harder material eliminates the need for Thrust Washers.

* Larger diameter Crankpin provides increased Crank-Pin clamping force.

* Integral Mainshafts, Eliminates two potential weak points.

* Consistent balance & precision machining.

* Truer Flywheels & Less Vibration.

* Reduced Mainshaft deflection at high rpm means Less Vibration, reduced piston & rod side thrusting &events oil pump damage.

* Fully compatible with Gear Drive Cams.

* Capable of higher rpm giving More available power.

* Trued to within .0005in. Run-Out.

* Rod Bearings have 20 Rollers vs 18 Stock.

Proudly Made in the USA by S&S Cycle !